‘We are more concerned about animals than about children’

Young homeless people: no treatment place, no housing
Marijke Landeweer speaks with Dr. Philip Veerman about this subject in Den Haag Centraal.

The transition from the state and the province to the municipality caused major problems for youth care: long waiting lists, an enormous workload and a considerable hole in the budget of the municipality. Five years later, this newspaper spoke to people from the field, from the administrator to the youth protector, and took stock. Has it gone from bad to worse or is there hope?

GZ psychologist Philip Veerman is concerned. Seriously concerned. Those juveniles are “on hold” all their lives. “Such a young person lives with a friend to bridge the gap and cannot go to therapy because of the waiting lists. He or she stands still or even slows down in his or her development. ”

DHC-nov2020 (in Dutch)