Reflections on Joint Israeli-Palestinian Cooperation Projects

It is amazing that with all the money invested in joint projects, very few evaluation studies have been carried out.

by Sami Adwan and Philip Veerman

Before the Oslo agreement in 1993, some Israeli and Palestinian human-rights organizations were in almost daily contact in the fight against Israeli human-rights violations. They have always been able to cooperate on specific issues, as in the Coalition against the Demolition of Houses and the Coalition against ID-Cards Confiscation from Palestinians and, recently, in an initiative of some groups (the Al-Quds Center for Social and Economic Rights; the Palestinian human-rights organization, Law; Rabbis for Human Rights; DCI-Israel and others) to hold an alternative Jerusalem Day (“Jerusalem: A City of Two Peoples. Human Rights and Justice for all Jerusalemites”). An Israeli and a Palestinian section of DCI even maintained (from 1992-1996) a joint office to give Palestinian minors appropriate legal representation.

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