Philip Veerman is member of the Advisory Board of CoMensha

CoMensha is a Dutch NGO which plays an important role in the fight against trafficking in human beings. An important task of CoMensha is to register notifications of (potential) victims of trafficking. The organisation records these facts about the nature and the amount of victims in the Netherlands and coming to the Netherlands.
CoMensha Mensenhandel in Beeld
This information is used to identify problem areas, trends and success factors in the implementation of human trafficking policies, setting the agenda and to give adequate advice about policy. CoMensha also coordinates the initial reception, care and assistance of (potential) victims of trafficking in the netherlands. Victims have a right to shelter.
In addition CoMensha informs and advises government and partnerorganisations and provides them with insight in the trends and developments.
Comensha is also involved in what is called ”categorical shelter” for victims of trafficking (COSM). This comprises 70 safe places in shelters. After the government was confronted with the mmany shortages they intiated in 2010 adequate and appropriate care for victims of trafficking, which COMENSHA oversees now. The government wanted enough places in safe shelters and stop the exploitation of the victims.
COMENSHA has a Director and a Board of Directors. There is also an Advisory board. Philip Veerman is member of the Advisory Board.

More information: CoMensha website