Fighter for the rights of the child

Author: Korczak, Janusz

Publication info: The Jerusalem Post (1950-1988) [Jerusalem, Israel] 14 June 1985: 17.

Abstract: In 1912 a Jewish orphanage opened its doors on Krochmalnastreet in Warsaw, with room for About 100 children. In the 30 years of its existence, that experiment in residential care became a treasured and still impressive community. On August 5. 1942. Janusz Korezak and his…

Publication title: The Jerusalem Post (1950-1988)

Publication year: 1985, Publication date: Jun 14, 1985

Publisher: The Jerusalem Post Ltd., Place of publication: Jerusalem, Israel

Language of publication: English

Document type: article

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Copyright: Copyright The Palestine Post Limited Jun 14, 1985

Database: ProQuest Historical Newspapers: The Jerusalem Post (1932-1988)

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