Older article suddenly up to date

Sometimes old articles I wrote are suddenly again up to date.
An example is my article from 1990 in the Jerusalem Post.
In 1990 I was lobbying that Israel would ratify the Hague Child Abduction Convention. The article helped.
In May 1991 I was invited by Uzi Landau, member of the Constitution, Law and Justice Committee of the the Knesset to be present when they debated the possible ratification of this Hague Convention and the Knesset ratified it.
On September 12, 2021 the Jerusalem Post published an article from Aaron Reich “Isaeli child who survived Italy cable car crash abducted to Israel; A custody battle between family in Italy and Israel has been raging over six-year old Eutan Biran”.
My plea that Israel will not be a heaven of child-abductors is still up to date.
The Hague Child Abduction Convention will be key in the decision by the Israeli judges.
Philip Veerman

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