Still Passionate About Children’s Rights After Thirty Years

Philip Veerman about 30 years ‘The International Journal of Children’s Rights’ – a brief history, the founding and new developments and challenges.

“I am more worried now about the future of children than I was in the period 1989–1993, when we were preparing the beginning of the Journal. At that time the crc was a sign of optimism. For me this optimism crumbled in 2017 with the inauguration of President Trump in the United States: the world order is in a transition period. With the rise of China (Richardson, 2020) as a global power, children’s human rights will have to be more defended than ever. Working on children’s rights in a new world order (Zajec, 2020) might be harder than 30 years ago (Alston, 2009) and I am sure we will find reflections of this development in the Journal.”

In: The International Journal of Children’s Rights Author: Philip Veerman
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