Proper care for children in care

Author: Veerman, Philip; Weiner, Anita

Publication info: The Jerusalem Post (1950-1988) [Jerusalem, Israel] 23 Nov 1987: 8.

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DURING THE past few weeks, a series of abuses in children’s homes has been given much attention in the Hebrew press. As a result of this publicity and of a recent report about certain Israeli institutions where conditions are particularly poor (the Kadman Report, October…

Proper care for children in care

Publication title: The Jerusalem Post (1950-1988)

First page: 8

Number of pages: 1

Publication year: 1987

Publication date: Nov 23, 1987

Year: 1987

Publisher: The Jerusalem Post Ltd.

Place of publication: Jerusalem, Israel

Country of publication: Israel

Publication subject: General Interest Periodicals–Israel

Source type: Historical Newspapers

Language of publication: English

Document type: article

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