Jan Kizilhan: ‘On the Yezidi trauma’ 10 december, de Balie

Jan Kizilhan: ‘On the Yezidi trauma’ 10 december, de Balie

10 december – dag van de rechten van de mens – Philip Veerman is gast op deze avond met Jan Kizilhan.  In 2014, professor doctor Jan Ilhan Kizilhan gave an interview to Germany’s largest newspaper Bild about the situation of the Yezidi in Northern Iraq under ISIS. ‘Step by step, Isis carries out genocide’. What followed was a unique humanitarian project. 1100 Yazidi women and children who escaped ISIS were welcomed to Germany for trauma treatment with Jan Kizilhan. In this programme we speak with Jan Kizilhan on the psychological impact of genocide, transcultural trauma, cultural-sensitive therapy and the way forward.

Kizilhan has now treated more than a thousand women and children that were held captive and used as sex-slaves by ISIS in Germany, but many more are still in Iraq and Syria. Kizilhan is therefore also setting up local treatment centres in Iraq and Syria, training people how to treat trauma in their own language and within their own cultural setting.

In this programme Kizilhan’s explains his three-way approach of trans-generational trauma, collective trauma and individual trauma, why that is important and what motivates him to keep going

Jan Ilhan Kizilhan is a psychologist, author and publisher. He holds a Doctorate in psychology from the University of Konstanz (Germany) and Doctorate in New Iranian Science from the University Göttingen. He is currently Dean at the Institute of Psychotherapy and Psychotraumatology at University of Duhok and Director of the Institute for Transcultural Health Science, State University Baden-Württemberg.

Futhermore we talk with:

Brenda Stoter Boscolo is a Dutch journalist and writer. She recently published the book ‘Het Vergeten Volk: Na de genocide‘ (in English: The Forgotten People: after the genocide).

Ruth Feigenbaum is a Dutch psychotherapist specialised in treatment of trauma. She is supervisor of the NVPP (Nederlandse Vereniging voor Psychoanalytische Psychotherapie) and the VPeP (Vereniging Persoonsgerichte experiëntiële Psychotherapie).

Philip Veerman is a Dutch orthopedagogue, children’s rights expert and psychologist. He is initiator of several organisations and attempts to introduce changes in Dutch youth welfare. In 2015 Phillip Veerman was appointed as Officer in the Orde van Oranje-Nassau for his forty-year work for children’s rights.




di 10 december – 20:00 uur
de Balie
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