Child Rights Focus

An African and International Perspective on Children’s Rights

Already more than two years ago, Dr. Benyam Dawit Mezmur agreed to be interviewed for this volume of the The International Journal of Children’s Rights, but when and where to meet was not so easy. Then suddenly we were both speaking at the same ☞ An African and International Perspective on Children’s Rights

Children’s Rights in Health Care

Subsequent to the University of Groningen’s Honours College Program, entitled Children's Rights in Health Care, the need to publish the lecture contributions to this Program was generally expressed and confirmed by its participants. The Program, ☞ Children’s Rights in Health Care

8th International Korczak Conferece

"Thanks to theory, I know. Thanks to practice, I feel" Janusz Korczak, The Special School 1925 Learn from leading thinkers and innovators inspired by the philosophy, life and work of Janusz Korczak. The theme of the conference is: The Child; ☞ 8th International Korczak Conferece

Michael Freeman Hamlyn lecture at UCL

It is incredible to see how Michael Freeman (introduced here by Lord Wolf) does not slow down not even by Parkinsins disease (I write this because if you watch it, it is an explanatiion of all his bodymovements). Extremely interesting content for ☞ Michael Freeman Hamlyn lecture at UCL

Dr. P. E. Veerman

Dr. Veerman holds degrees in psychology, education, social work and human rights. He is an expert in children’s rights, child protection, forensic psychology, history of education, international human rights, and international cooperation. He wrote ☞ Dr. P. E. Veerman

About this website

What can you expect here? There are many organisations working for children’s rights and they all have websites (some you can find under links here). So what will this website add? This website has the perspective of psychologist and educator ☞ About this website

Hospital and Handcuffs

How two wounded Palestinian youths were handcuffed to their beds in Hadassah Hospital by Guy Hessel in: Palestine Israel Journal Vol.3 Nos. 3 & 4 1996 On Wednesday, October 9, 1996, 14-year-old Mu'taz Jaradat and 17-year-old Ghaleb ☞ Hospital and Handcuffs