Programme of the conference of April 16th 2013

KNAW in het Trippenhuis

KNAW in het Trippenhuis


9.00            Registration and coffee

9.30            First Session

Chair of the First session:  Ms. dr. Coby de Graaf

Dr. Hans van Loon: “The interplay between the Convention of the Right of the Child and the Hague Conventions on Child Protection, against the backdrop of globalization”

Prof. dr. Philip Jaffé: “The Child between meaningful participant and new family warrior: how forensic psychologists and psychiatrists can help to get it right for children in separation and divorce proceedings”

Dr. Daniel Halperin: “The child and the time disoriented”


10.45            Coffee break


Second Session (in English)

Chair of the second session: Prof. dr. Theo van Boven

Prof. Michael Freeman:  “Children’s Rights and  harmful practices”

Mr. Damon Barrett: LLM, “Drug use and the rights of the child: law, policy and practice”

Mr. Richard Clarke: “Towards More Effective Prevention of Recruitment and Use of Child Soldiers”

Conclusion of the morning sessions: Prof. dr. Theo van Boven


12.30            Lunch


13.30            Third Session (this will be in Dutch)

Chair of this session: dr. Ben van de Wetering

Joint presentation by Ms. Susanne Wegen, health psychologist  and Ms. Mary Janssen van Raay, MD “Pregnant and addicted: some cases the psychological and medical aspects”

Judge Ms. Toos Enkelaar “Guardianship for children not yet born”

Ms.. dr. Annemiek van Dijke “Unsafe attachment and the rights of the child”

Ms. Hesie Chung, MScBA, child- and adolescent psychiatrist  “Problems of Children with parents with psychiatric problems (so called “”OPP” children) and transgenerational transmitting of the problems”

Ms. Alexa Rutten, child- and adolescent psychiatrist “O is it not allowed? Reports to the courts about adolescents with psychiatric disorders, like autism”.


15.00            Tea break


15.20            Fourth session (also in Dutch)

Chair of the Fourth Session: Prof. dr. Ernst Hirsch Ballin

Prof. dr. Jaap Polak “Some reflections on dilemma’s in the field of protection of Rights when we deal with human rights”

Duo-presentation by Mr.. René de Bot “Foster family care is always second choice, but we make the best of it”.

Prof. dr. Geert-Jan Stams “Concerns about placing children in kinship care and the limitations of family group conferences/restorative justice in the Netherlands (‘eigen kracht centrales’).

dr. Bernard Kruithof “That many parents are indeed a disaster for their children”

Conclusions of the afternoon art: Prof. dr. Ernst Hirsch Ballin


17.00            Closing session

dr. Philip Veerman  “Rights of the child in theory and practice: a reflection”


17.30            Drinks


Date:  Tuesday April 16, 2003

Time: 09:00 – 17.30

Locations: Royal Academy of Sciences/ Trippenhuis (Tinbergenzaal) Kloveniersburgwal 29, 1011 JV Amsterdam

€ 295 for lawyers/ clinical psychologists /child psychologists/ psychologists working in the ‘first line’/orthopedagogues
€ 75 for academics (employees of an University)  
€ 25 for students
€ 125 for other persons interested
The price includes handouts and PO-points for lawyers 5 PO (1 legal point/4 professional legal skill) points (NOvA) and  points for psychologists. A request points for psychologists was submitted to the NIP, the NVO and NFGZ


Registration by e-mail to Ms. N. van der Meij, LLM

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