Job positions and board memberships

July 2017 – present Psychologist at De Juttters in The Hague

January 2017 – July 2017 Psychologist at Kick Your Habits

March 2017 – present Chartered member of BPS, the British Psychological Society

June 2016 – present Board member of CoMensha

May 2016 – present external evaluator of the A4 unit of the Directorate-General for Justice of the European Commission.

May 2016 – present external expert of DG Justice & Consumers (JUST) of the European Committee in Brussels

registered at SKJ Kwaliteitsregister Jeugd, number 130000067

May 2016 – present Member ofComplaints Commission Jeugd in the communities of Roosendaal, Moerdijk, Bergen op Zoom, Steenbergen, Zundert, Halderberge, Woensdrecht, Rucphen, Etten-Leur

April 2016 – January 2017 Supervisor at Trubendorffer verslavingszorg in Tilburg

Febrary 2016 – December 2016 Psychologist at COLK (Centrum voor behandeling van psychosomatische klachten)

2014 – January 2017 Board member of  Vereniging van Pro Justitia rapporteurs.

2012-present  Board member Foundation Therapeutic Help for Children (THK)  Rotterdam (supporting children in foster family care).

2012-2014  Board member of the Section Addiction Psychology of the  Netherlands Institute of Psychologists (NIP), the Dutch BPS and member of the board of the Section health psychology of the NIP board.

2012-present  Member of the Council of Alumni of the Faculty of Educational Sciences of the University of Amsterdam.

2008-present   Board member of the Children’s Rights Center (CCRA) of the  Faculty of Law of the University of Amsterdam in the Netherlands

1992-2004 Founder and Board Member of the Stichting Children’s Rights Publications Foundation which was established to launch and administer the International Journal of Children’s Rights (now with Brill Academic Publishers).

1998-2003 Representative of D.C.I. in the Steering Committee of the Coalition  Against the Use of Child-Soldiers.

Participation in meetings in Kenya organized by UNICEF on “re-integration of child-soldiers”.

1997-2002 President of the International Executive Council of Defense for Children International (DCI), Geneva)

1993-1997 Member of the International Executive Council of Defense for Children International (Geneva)

1989-2004 Orr Shalom treatment homes for emotionally disturbed children in Israel.

1982-1988 Founder and honorary secretary of the Janusz Korczak Foundation in the Netherlands.

1978-1985 Coordinator of the board of the Therapeutic Foster Family Scheme in Rotterdam (TGV-Rotterdam).

Representative of the TGV-Rotterdam in the Federation of the Dutch Therapeutic Foster Family Care Organizations.

1974-1976 Stichting Ortho-Pedagogisch Centrum, Noord – Holland (organization for the mentally handicapped).

“Weerklank” Foundation for deaf mentally retarded children)

1971-1993 Founder and Board member of the Stichting Browndale Nederland (small therapeutic group homes for emotionally disturbed children).

1971-1975 Initiator of Dutch foster- grandparents program for retarded children, coordinated project for NOZ (Dutch Association for the Mentally Handicapped) (older people visit regularly child in an institutions).

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